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AID for BED, Shima Onsen donation Campaign for this earthquake

Japanese 日本語

Thanks for much donation and support! AID for BED project has finished.

We, Shima Onsen Assosiation and Starbrand, deeply appreciate your participation in our Great East Japan Earthquake Relief called "AID for BED"

Because your heart-warming donation, Ryokans(traditional Japanese-style hotels) of Shima Onsen in Gunma prefecture could offer a relaxing, comfortable and secured stay for a number of the disaster victims.

We have the greatest homage to you and made a certificate of appreciation as left side.

Please download it and display on your desk.

つるやにて 花の坊にて 積善館にて
郡山市の避難所に温泉をお届け 多賀城市にお送りしました バス格安で地元のバス会社からご提供いただきました
避難所に応援フラッグを届けた宿も   四万温泉にお迎えした七ヶ浜町周辺の様子
Summary of results
  • Total of donation : about 6,500,000 JPY
  • Used transportation fee from/to damaged area, actual cost for staying Shima Onsen, housing facilities for long-stay people, housing facilities for shelters at damaged area, and others
  • Number of refugees (short term stay) : about 500
  • Number of refugees (long term stay) : (under counting)
  • Remaining amount
  • Housing facilities for shelters at damaged area


We extend our deepest sympathies to you for your terrible disaster of the earthquake, and we really hope the stricken area will be restored as soon as possible.

Our "Shima-Onsen Assosiation" and Nakanojo-town, we have determined that we will provide the accommodation facilities as refuges for the people of the earthquake and tsunami victims.

In Nakanojo-town, 1000 evacuees will be accepted, and In our Shima-Onsen, 600 evacuees are supposed to be accepted in 1000.

we have started a donation campaign for the evacuees who will come and stay in Shima, Sawatari, and Kuni area for the time being.

The donation will be administered by Nakanojo-town, and will be used for the evacuees in the town for the food, water, electricity, staying fee and some cost of life.

We are waiting for your support and cooperation.

Donation was finished
AID for BED, Facebook Page

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